Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) is on the mend.

ITK reported last week that Weiner had been injured by a mohair goat during a press conference. The goat (shown here) stabbed Weiner's hand hard enough to draw blood, but we're happy to report the congressman is well on the road to recovery.

He's even have learned an important lesson about animal press conferences.
“[New York City] Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg was bitten by a groundhog," said spokesman Ben Fishel, "[and] Rep. Weiner was gored by a goat. This is more evidence that animal-themed press conferences are not for the faint of heart." Or, some might say, a good idea at all.

Fishel continued, "The congressman gave a little blood to help end some of the red ink around the Mohair program. The congressman is fine and the goat is feeling sheepish.”