Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) isn't the only Bay State politician to drive an old pick-up truck.

The Boston Globe notes that Mitt Romney has been seen recently driving a "beat-up" truck to political events, including a fundraiser in New Hampshire last night.

A spokesman for Romney said the former governor has had the truck since 2002, well before Brown used it to great effect in his senate bid.

Spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom (FERN'-strum) says Romney has owned the Chevy since 2002 and uses it for errands around his New Hampshire lakeside vacation home.

Fehrnstrom says Romney isn't trying to emulate Brown or his upset victory in January, when he claimed the seat held by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

Fehrnstrom says if Romney runs again, the preferred mode of travel will be the "Mitt Mobile" -- the RV his sons drove across the country in 2008.