Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) took his love of Twitter to a new level this weekend.

The senator, a noted Arizona sports fan, chatted back and forth via the social networking site with NFL Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, much to the delight of McCain's more than 1.7 million Twitter followers.

The exchange began while McCain was watching a pre-season scrimmage game from the stands on Saturday. McCain snapped a photo of Fitzgerald (with what appears to be the senator's finger), tweeting "Hey @Lfitzgerald11 it's really me, now tweet back!"


Fitzgerald responded after the game ended:

@SenJohnMcCain Mr McCain it was a pleasure to c u today thank u for your continued support of Arizona sports (cont) ... teams. Are you going to the be at the D-backs game today for Gonzo's jersey retirement ceremony?

McCain then said

@Lfitzgerald11 - thanks for the tweet it was great to see you too! Hope you had a great warm up in Flag today.

He answered Fitzgerald's question in a later tweet

Congrats to #Dbacks great #20 Gonzo - I'm sorry I will miss the game tonight, but sent along a message. Thx for memories...

The scrimmage was the first of the Cardinals' training camp, which began last weekend in Flagstaff. An estimated 10,000 fans attended. The team's first home preseason game will be held August 14.

From McCain's YFrog stream:


On my way to #Flagstaff this morning to watch the #Cardinals scrimmage game.


Indoors in the Walkup Dome on the #NAU campus since it's raining. Go Cards!


At the #Cards game with Michael Bidwill [President, Arizona Cardinals]