Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) says he will be returning to the deserted island in the South Pacific where he spent a week catching his own food and talking to hermit crabs.

But this time, he wants to bring his five kids.

"I think they would love it," he said of the young Flakes, "and they would learn so much. I know I did."

Asked when he might return to the Marshall Islands, Flake said it could be as early as next year. "I want to see if those hermit crabs I wrote numbers on are still alive!" he said.

In an effort to deal with his solitude, Flake numbered hermit crabs and talked to them much like actor Tom Hanks chatted with a volleyball in the movie, "Castaway."

Flake was unable to get away from civilization this past summer. "I had a primary this time around," he explained of his Aug. 24 GOP primary victory over Jeff Smith.

Instead of going native, Flake said he and his family went to Carlsbad, Calif. for a few days, "So at least we got to see a little of the beach."

Flake's 2009 visit to the deserted paradise caused quite a stir in Washington, D.C. when the attractive congressman released photos of his adventure.