Issa creates buzz with new Twitter avatar

Rep. Darrell Issa (Calif.), the ranking Republican on the House Oversight committee, surprised Twitter followers this week with a new avatar — and it's not just another campaign headshot.

The photo shows an MS Paint-style stick-figure wearing a policeman's cap and standing next to the Capitol Building (see photo below).

According to Oversight GOP spokesman Seamus Kraft, the character is Officer Terry Transparency of the Oversight Police.

A joke? Kraft explains.

"Terry was drawn up by the team here at Oversight Productions — for the video and other visuals, as well as for the boss' Twitter avatar," he wrote in an email. "Officer Transparency and his partner [shown in related videos], in their humorous and ironic way, have helped GOP Team Oversight fill the accountability gap between the oversight we were promised by Congressional Democrats and the lack of oversight going on today."

The office has produced two videos so far — "The Case of the Math-Challenged Treasury Secretary" and "The Case of the Schizo Strategy" — which play off classic noir detective films to show stick-figured "Transparency" and his partner, Joe Thursday, sleuthing for Issa, who they call their boss.

"Will you make my little twigs pay your bill?" Transparency, in pitchy falsetto, asks Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner at one point.

"When a Mickey-Mouse voiced stick figure is holding the Obama administration more accountable to the American people than you [Congressional Democrats] are, it's a tough day at the office," Kraft said.

He added that Issa has "gotten some good feedback" following the avatar change, but that one blog wasn't so favorable.

"@DarrellIssa Seriously, we're all about creating Twitter photos with MS Paint but yours is ridiculous," tweeted HuffPostHill.