Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) went for a spin through the halls of Congress on Thursday in a very unexpected ride: A "rocket trike."

The vehiclem developed by Boulder, Colo. native Tom Weis, is a mostly human powered, fully enclosed, recumbent bicyle, which features a comfortable seat, joystick steering, and an electric motor.

Weis, the CEO of Climate Crisis Solutions, arrived in Washington after a ten-week trip on the bike all the way from Colorado. The model Weis rode in is known as the "Go-One3" and features solar-powered turn signals, an iPhone, and lamps. 

“Our nation has a serious addiction to fossil fuels,” Polis said Thursday, “and it’s going to take innovative initiatives like Tom’s rocket trike to break the habit.  By moving to renewable forms of energy we will create millions of jobs, turn around our economy, and improve our environment and public health all at the same time.”