The basketball fan-in-chief surprised the coach of the University of Connecticut's record-breaking women's basketball team with a phone call during his post-game press conference Tuesday night.

The UConn Huskies won a record-breaking 89th straight game Tuesday night, soundly beating the Florida State Seminoles 93-62 in Hartford, Conn.

The streak surpasses the 88-game run pulled off by the legendary 1970s UCLA Bruins men's teams under Hall of Fame coach John Wooden. President Obama afterward called to congratulate UConn's head coach.

"Hello?Yes. No, you're not interrupting anything," head coach Geno Auriemma said while chuckling after he answered his cell phone at the podium. "You're taking -- you know, if I was calling you and you had all those reporters in front of you, you'd be dying to take my phone call, right?

"Well, Mr. President, I really appreciate that. It's an incredible thing that these kids have done and we owe you a little bit of gratitude," Auriemma added. "That lesson you gave on the White House basketball court really paid off. So, I appreciate you doing that for them."

Auriemma told the president that he hopes the streak continues at least until he runs for reelection in two years.

"We have not lost -- we have not lost since you've been inaugurated. How about we keep that streak going for a couple of more years, huh?," Auriemma said.

Obama calls to congratulate UConn: