The arrival on Capitol Hill this week of more than a dozen Miss America contestants caused a stir in some offices, but Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) knows better than to court temptation.
Asked whether he’d received a visit from Miss California Arianna Afsar on Tuesday while she was walking the halls of Congress, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman shook his head and grinned.
“I’m a happily married man, and I’ve learned that one of the ways to stay happily married is to stay away from things like [pageant queen visits].”
Sensing that his words may have been less than diplomatic, Issa added, “I’m sure Miss California is a very accomplished young lady, but my schedule today was packed.”
Scheduling isn’t the only thing that helps keeps Issa out of temptation’s way, however. He’s also got a personal mantra, one that allows him to keep enjoying the, um, view.
“I always tell people, ‘You’ll stay young as long as you look [at beautiful women], and you’ll stay married as long as you don’t touch.'”
ITK can think of more than a few former legislators who could have benefited from Issa’s advice.
As if on cue, less than an hour after Issa offered up his pearl of wisdom, his California colleague, Rep. Duncan Hunter, Jr. (R), appeared to put it into action.
The setting was a lively reception for the Miss America contestants held in the National Republican Club of Capitol Hill, better known as the Capitol Hill Club.
Walking by the reception a little after eight p.m., Hunter stopped in the doorway and peered inside for more than a few seconds. Ultimately, however, he decided not to enter, and he and a friend walked out the front doors.