It used to be that birthdays in the House of Representatives were
 marked by House Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) "Boehner Birthday

But now that Boehner is the top lawmaker in the lower chamber, the
 birthday song is on a temporary hiatus, due to more pressing issues.

That was no matter, however, for Tea Party favorite Rep. Michele
 Bachmann (R-Minn.), who turned 55 on Wednesday.

Bachmann had her own chorus to sing for her. A much bigger one.

In between cries of "Shut 'er down!," Tea Party protesters outside the
 Capitol found time to sing a full round of "Happy Birthday" to the
 Minnesota lawmaker before she took the stage to address them.

The presence of hundreds of Bachmann-loving singers was likely due in
 part to the fact that her birthday fell on a nice, sunny Wednesday, as
 opposed to last week, when significantly fewer Tea Party folks turned
 up to protest on a nasty, rainy Thursday.

And if you think a few hundred people is a lot for a birthday
 sing-song, just wait until you see Bachmann's online birthday card:
 The card cum fundraising appeal was reportedly signed by more than
 25,000 fans, according to an email Wednesday from Bachmann's husband,
 Marcus Bachmann.

Along with a few other folks, ITK hopes Bachmann has a great birthday.