New mom Megyn Kelly has a new ‘do to go along with baby number two. The FOX News anchor returned to the airwaves on Monday, her first time back in the anchor seat since giving birth to her daughter, Yardley Evans, in April. Kelly also has an almost 2-year-old son, Edward Yates.  

The “America Live” host made mention of her newly shorn locks, saying in a tease for the show, “I’m back! We’ve got President Obama, new hair, Kelly’s Court, and baby pictures. What more could you ask for?”

Some Twitter fans apparently couldn’t ask for more, giving Kelly’s cut rave reviews. Ashley Doerzbacher wrote on the site, “Oh my gosh do I LOVE Megyn Kelly’s hair! #myidol.” And Nikki Nicholson tweeted, “Megyn Kelly, welcome back gorgeous!! Love your hair!!”

But other Twitter users thought that Kelly’s new hairdo, was a big hair don’t. User RyTepRyan wrote, “Megyn Kelly looked better with long hair. #TakingaStance.” Twitter user Alex Gilbert was none too subtle with his feelings on Kelly’s new look, writing, “Oh no!! Megyn Kelly is back!!! & her hair is all chopped off!!!!”

So now ITK readers, the debate is on – is Megyn Kelly’s revamped style hair-iffic or a hair-tastrophe?