altSen. Sherrod Brown’s lapel pin isn’t just a piece of cutesy, gold jewelry – apparently, it’s symbolic of some pretty heavy stuff.

When MSNBC host Joe Scarborough asked the Ohio Democrat about the tiny, canary in a bird cage pin he was sporting on “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, Brown offered this explanation,: “It signifies the mine workers 100 years ago took the canary down the mine. The mineworker was on his own. He had no union, no one was strong enough, no government prepared enough to protect him.”

Ah, and here ITK was thinking it was just a tchotchke from some event at a town hall at an Ohio pet shop or something. 

Brown continued, “In those days, a baby born in this country lived 100 years ago to be about 45-years-old. It’s because of Medicare, and Social Security, and safe drinking water, and civil rights, and women’s rights that have given people in this society a much better shot at the middle class.” 

We wonder if Brown’s other bling comes with such dramatic explanations. ITK would be scared to get him started about the rest of his lapel pin collection. 

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