altRon Paul isn’t just full of strong opinions on the direction he wants to take our country — the Republican presidential candidate is likely also full of casserole.

Paul’s wife, Carol, just released The Ron Paul Family Cookbook, a 28-page collection of recipes that supporters can snag with an $8 donation to the White House hopeful’s campaign.

In the book, Carol Paul includes instructions for a whopping five, different casserole concoctions. Who knew there were so many ways to construct casseroles?

The casserole-rific recipes include: A rice corn casserole, easy linguine casserole, chicken casserole, and Creole praline yam casserole.

But ITK’s favorite might just be Mrs. Paul’s shrimp casserole, which she notes is a “family favorite especially for Ron and [Sen.] Rand [Paul (R-Ky.)].”

Momma Paul also has a trick for throwing a little luxury into her shrimp casserole, writing, “For a fancy crowd, I add a container of fresh crab.”

For those who might not be as enthusiastic about casserole as the Pauls, the cookbook is packed with a variety of other (potentially artery-unfriendly) recipes: Razzle Bo-Dazzle Pork Tenderloin, King Ranch Chicken (one of the ingredients is a large bag of Doritos), and details on how to make both Oreo Cake and Easy Oreo Truffles.

Mrs. Paul’s cookbook isn’t only about food though. Ron Paul’s spouse, who has been married to the Texas congressman for more than 50 years, provides a few details about her family throughout the book.

Readers can check out a photo of Rand Paul and his brood posing with Vice President Joe Biden.

And then there’s this detail about the beginning of Paul’s courtship with her husband: “I came into the picture about 1952 when Ron was my escort to my 16th birthday party. Don’t’ tell anyone — but I asked him…it was a Sadie Hawkins-type party where the girls asked the boys…and I asked him.”

Our lips are sealed, Mrs. Paul.