As an acclaimed choreographer and a celebrity judge on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?” Debbie Allen has shown she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

That’s what she plans to do on Monday at the Kennedy Center, when she joins a group of other famous faces — including “Tonight Show” bandleader Rickey Minor, Dionne Warwick, and Washington go-go music legend Chuck Brown — as a judge of the DC-CAPital Stars Talent Competition.

“I’m just really calling it how I see it,” says Allen, “The goal here…is to give a critique that can benefit or help them along the way.”

The fourth annual show highlights the artistic abilities of the District’s public and charter school students. And big bucks are at stake — the D.C. College Access Program awards the winner of the competition with a $10,000 college scholarship.

Allen, the choreographer of the popular 80’s T.V. series, “Fame,” doesn’t just make sure her dancers have all the right moves. The Broadway star says she’s also keeping a close eye on the presidential race.

When ITK asked which politician she’d love to see take the stage in a talent show, the showbiz vet, 62, replied, “I would like to see Mr. [Rick] Santorum enter a competition because he needs something to make him more real. He’s saying such wild things. Some of the things he’s saying about education and women. It just seems like he’s a brother from another planet. Maybe if he was in an artistic world it might sober him a bit.”

While she says she’s disappointed to “see the Republican party reduce themselves to the petty squabbles,” Allen does praise one of the candidates: “Ron Paul is the only one who really makes solid sense all the time.” The rest of the pack, she laments, “don’t seem very presidential to me.”

The director and producer also supports the current commander-in-chief, saying, “I believe in what President Obama is doing and what he’s trying to do.”

Despite her vocal views, Allen has managed to gain fans from both sides of the political aisle. Former President George W. Bush appointed her in 2001 to the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. First lady Michelle Obama attended the opening night of one of Allen’s shows at the Kennedy Center back in 2009.

Asked how she has been able to maintain bipartisan support, Allen says, “The truth of the matter is there are no politics when it comes to young people and arts and education. There’s only doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing. There’s no partisanship.”

But getting back to Rick Santorum as her pick for a talent show contestant, Allen claims she’d even be willing to coach the Republican White House hopeful, saying with a laugh, “Yeah a couple of dance classes would help him understand things better I think.”