Singer Adele attributes her success in part to Sarah Palin

British singer and songwriter Adele is attributing some of her success to a surprising source: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

During an interview with the BBC, Adele revealed the role the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee played in her rise to fame, according to Mashable.


The powerhouse vocalist said Palin was meant to appear on “Saturday Night Live” the week after Adele. But “something came up in the campaign,” Adele said, and “she came and did [SNL] the week I was doing it.”

“It was one of the most watched SNLs ever and then it was two weeks before the Grammy ballot, which is when people decide what songs they want to maybe nominate, so, like literally the stars aligned for me,” she added.

Adele said her album shot to No. 1 on iTunes.

“I was nominated for a Grammy, and I won. I mean it was a joke. It was a joke. All thanks to Sarah Palin.”