In an interview with Australia's "Studio 10" on Channel 10, Ford mocked Trump for complimenting his patriotic role as a terrorist-killing president in the 1997 political thriller.
“It’s a movie. Donald, it was a movie,” Ford said, looking into the camera. “It’s not like this in real life. But how would you know?”
The “Star Wars” actor also said he thought Trump was running to be “resident” of the United States.
“Oh, president? I thought it was resident,” Ford said. “So he’s not only going to live there, he’s going to run the show?
“Oh, that’s not so much. I don’t think so,” he added.
Ford, an avowed liberal, joins a long list of celebrities who have spoken out against Trump.
Ford is reprising his role as Han Solo in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which opens in cinemas Dec. 18.