According to a White House press pool report, after taking a look at the menu at Ross’ Restaurant, Biden asked for scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. But the most controversial component of his meal was listed last: “with ketchup on his eggs.”

Dousing a dash of the red stuff on eggs has had a long and storied history in American culinary culture. Several Facebook groups are devoted to both the support (“I Eat Eggs With Ketchup”) and opposition (“You say ketchup on eggs is good…I say GROSS!!”) of the practice.


The blog “Man Eat Food” attempted to address the age-old condiment controversy in a 2008 post, writing: "I thought by objectively presenting both sides of the ‘ketchup on eggs’ debate, I would usher in a new age of open and fair discourse within the food blogging community … But then I started gagging.”

But the website provides a “Scrambled Eggs with Ketchup” recipe (which in addition to the basics, also calls for pork grease and garlic powder). The site says of the combo, “It doesn’t get any more American than this yummy scrambled eggs with ketchup recipe.”

Photo: Flickr