Hip-hop star DJ Khaled took to Twitter on Thursday to promote ObamaCare as one of his major keys to success.

"They don't want us to have healthcare, they don't want us to have ObamaCare. So what we're gonna do is care about our life, and get that healthcare, and get that ObamaCare," the music producer says in a video included in the tweet.

"Don't ever play yourself," he advises viewers.


Khaled frequently takes to social media to recommend "major keys to success" to followers and has popularized use of a key-shaped emoji.

He recently gave a few of these tips to GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," advising the former governor of Florida to use cocoa butter and avoid playing basketball.

Another video posted on his Twitter feed Thursday shows Khaled exercising on an elliptical machine and advising viewers to take care of themselves and to sign up for ObamaCare before the deadline on Sunday.

"Get that ObamaCare, that healthcare by Sunday, January 31st," he says.

The tweets are part of an all-out effort by the Obama administration to get people to sign up for health insurance before the deadline, after which those without coverage will be charged over $700.