Trump: TV impersonators ‘a great honor’
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The billionaire businessman, who was most recently parodied by Academy Award-nominated actor Johnny Depp in a 50-minute spoof, said he would be more concerned if humorists weren’t taking notice.
“If they didn’t do it – if they didn’t have any interest – I guess things wouldn’t be going so good,” Trump told the New York Times on Friday. “I’d have to call you and say, ‘What’s going on here? What’s wrong?’
“I know the business. I know the game, and I’m not offended,” he added.
Among the Trump imitators are late-night host Jimmy Fallon and “Saturday Night Live” performers Darrell Hammond and Taran Killam.
“I think he’s a terrific guy,” Trump said of Fallon, with whom he appeared in a “Tonight” show sketch in September. “I also think he does some great, great imitations.”
He also praised Hammond’s take on Trump as “excellent” and said he had not yet watched Depp’s portrayal. 
“But I think he’s a great actor,” he added of Depp.