Could a Martin O'Malley/Mike Huckabee musical duo be in the works? 
While the two are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, the former presidential candidates could join together for a bipartisan duet, they said during a Wednesday event where they were both appearing.
"We were talking on the walk over here, we were talking about tunes we could probably do together," said O'Malley, a former Democratic Maryland governor. "We're working on that." 
O'Malley fronts a folk rock band called O'Malley's March and often performed on the road while campaigning for president, before dropping out in February. 
Huckabee plays bass in Capitol Offense, formed in 1996. The group covers a mix of classic rock, Motown, country and blues. 
"If Martin O'Malley and Mike Huckabee could get together on the same state and come to harmony, that would be historic," said Huckabee, the former Republican Arkansas governor. "It could be massive. We're both looking for something to do, right?" 
O'Malley and Huckabee joined together Wednesday to promote AMC's Revolutionary War drama "Turn" and to discuss the similarities between today's divided political climate and that of 1776.
Both O'Malley and Huckabee ended their presidential campaigns in February after poor showings in the Iowa caucuses.