Producer defends film on Reagan’s Alzheimer’s
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A producer linked to a controversial movie about former President Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease says backlash over its subject matter is unfair.

“I’ve never been close to a movie like that where so little information became such a tidal wave,” filmmaker Adam McKay said, according to The Daily Beast. "It was really crazy to behold.


“I kept saying when the story snowballed, ‘Is there anyone who really thinks Will Ferrell would make a comedy about a horrible disease like Alzheimer’s?’” he asked, referencing the actor formerly attached to the project.

“In a million years no one would do that. You’d have people on the left and the right coming after you. I think it’s more the deification of Ronald Reagan, where you can’t go near the subject of Ronald Reagan.”

Ferrell’s publicist confirmed late last month that the comic was passing on the movie, titled “Reagan,” after outrage from the former president’s family.

McKay said in Wednesday’s interview that rumors of Ferrell starring as Reagan were greatly exaggerated.

“Will wasn’t even attached to do the movie,” he said. "He was just looking at it. It didn’t even have a director yet or was set up. It was just one of 30 projects Will was looking at."

"There were scary messages left at our office," McKay added Stuff like, ‘How dare you say anything bad about Ronald Reagan, you better watch your back.' Some very scary voicemails.”

Reagan’s family fiercely attacked “Reagan” last month, blasting the film’s premise as insensitive to people suffering from Alzheimer's.

Michael Reagan, the president’s eldest son, said that the disease “is not a comedy — first it robs you, then it kills you.”

Reagan’s daughter Patty Davis, meanwhile, penned an open letter recounting “the fear” plaguing her parent during his illness.

“Reagan” reportedly tells the story of a White House intern tasked with making the president believe he is an actor playing the role of commander-in-chief while battling Alzheimer's.