'Hamilton' star aims 'to get out the Latino vote' after final curtain
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The creator and star of “Hamilton” wants to rally Hispanic voter turnout after leaving his Broadway hit.

“I’m going to be trying to get out the Latino vote as hard as possible,” Lin-Manuel Miranda said Thursday, according to The New York Times.


Fresh off "Hamilton's" impressive 11 Tony Awards on Sunday, Miranda announced he'll be leaving the blockbuster musical on July 9. After that, he says, the stage is set to drive Latino voters to the polls in November.

“I don’t think I need a lot of help. I think it’s very clear that Latinos living in the United States — their interests are bound up in voting this year, and I’ll leave it at that, but making sure people turn out is going to be a priority for me, as it was in 2012.”

Miranda, a New York-born son of Puerto Ricans, said Hispanic concerns are already a hot topic on the presidential campaign trail.

“Our issues are on the table, from Puerto Rico to a wall to keep half of us out being a party platform. It’s important we get out and vote.”

Miranda said he has already appeared in a video for the Hispanic Federation urging voter participation. The actor, who recorded similar clips in 2012, added he plans on performing more outreach this summer.