"The Daily Show" created a stir on Monday, after tweeting a joke in celebration of the Supreme Court decision to halt Texas from enforcing one of the nation's strictest abortion laws.

"Celebrate the #SCOTUS ruling! Go knock someone up in Texas," the Comedy Central show's account tweeted after the decision was announced on Monday.


Several people slammed the tweet, calling it "vile," "disgusting" and in "poor taste."

About 90 minutes after the initial tweet, "The Daily Show" issued a clarification.

"Friends, we're certainly not promoting abortions," the tweet said. "Just excited about #SCOTUS reaffirming right to choose."

The Supreme Court's 5-3 decision is a major win for abortion clinics in Texas. The decision discards a previous ruling by an appellate court, which abortion rights activists had warned would have major implications for millions of women.