“That’s wrong. I want you to know we just did an incredible job getting the snow off the streets,” he joked as participants at the Institute for Education’s (IFE) public policy breakfast on Thursday laughed.


“Isn’t it amazing, it was gone in a flash,” he added.

“You try to follow these prognosticators as best as you can and there wasn’t one of them that wasn’t saying we were in for a rough time yesterday,” said Gray.

The city’s snow removal efforts have been strongly criticized in recent years as slow and inefficient, with removal teams coming from other cities to help D.C. dig out. But Gray said he’s turned the tables on old man winter with $4.5 million in new snow removal equipment and training exercises for city officials.

“Having grown up in the city, I always loved snow, especially when I was young because it was a day off,” he said.

“But I have a new appreciation for snow in this job.”

“I think there were some folks who were really looking forward to yesterday, so they could get out and demonstrate how good they were. I wasn’t one of those, OK?”