Late-night host Stephen Colbert on Monday night resurrected his faux-conservative character to cover Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpFederal plan to contain Washington protests employs 7,600 personnel: report GOP Rep calls on primary opponent to condemn campaign surrogate's racist video Tennessee court rules all registered voters can obtain mail-in ballots due to COVID-19 MORE becoming the GOP presidential nominee.

“Hello, nation. Did you miss me? I sure did,” he said after arriving on stage in a chariot pulled by men wearing Uncle Sam costumes.


“A lot of people are wondering how America, God’s girlfriend, ended up in relationship with this guy,” Colbert said of Trump.

Colbert then launched into a segment called “The Word,” a regular bit from his old Comedy Central show “The Colbert Report.” In it, he explained how he and Trump are similar.

“We’re both over-the-top TV personalities who decided to run for president,” he said, text on the screen read, “Both started as a joke.”

The "Late Show" host also brought on former “Daily Show” anchor Jon Stewart for a skit that showed Stewart living alone in the woods and Colbert informing him that Trump is about to become the nominee.

Watch both clips in the videos above.