He spoke for five minutes about drug courts, which handle cases for non-violent substance abuse offenders.

“Drug courts are the single most effective program for curing serious drug addicts for life-long recovery,” he said, pointing out that 75 percent of people who go through drug courts will not be arrested again.


After his testimony, he met with committee staffers and will spend the afternoon meeting one-on-one with various lawmakers.

For the past couple of years, Perry has made regular trips to Washington to testify about drug courts. 

He told The Hill that “any opportunity I get to talk about drug courts on a one-on-one level or a much bigger level — like testifying in that scary room — I grab at because it’s just one of the few things that’s a no-brainer: it saves lives, it saves money, it’s bipartisan.”

The actor, who has been to rehab a couple of times for prescription drug use, said he’s gotten a lot back from this line of work.

“My life has a lot more meaning now that I try to help people,” he said. “It’s also a selfish thing — it makes you feel better than anything else will.”

Photos: Greg Nash