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Mira Sorvino wishes presidential race could share focus

Amy Lee Mayer

Mira Sorvino says there’s more to life than the 2016 race for the White House.

“This election, it’s so negativity-fueled, and there are other things in life that are also important,” the actress says. Sorvino is speaking out, trying to draw attention to a cause that she says is getting overshadowed by the intense focus on the presidential election.

{mosads}“Saving 113 lives a day is important. I bet that you or almost anyone you know has lost somebody to breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer. It’s a constant in our lives.”

Sorvino, who won an Oscar for 1995’s “Mighty Aphrodite,” took to Capitol Hill just days ago to participate in what organizers called the Stage IV Stampede.

The effort on Friday, which included a march and a “die-in” on the West Lawn of the Capitol, was “to try and push for more money towards research to try to find a cure for metastatic stage IV breast cancer, which is the only kind of breast cancer that kills people,” says Sorvino.

Supporters want funding aimed more at finding a cure, rather than preventive treatments. They’re also pushing for legislation that would end a waiting period and fast-track disability benefits for those battling life-threatening illnesses.

Sorvino, who has appeared on Capitol Hill before to discuss the genocide in Darfur and other humanitarian issues, says she was inspired to make a return trip to Washington by her friend, Champagne Joy. She’s been friends with the #Cancerland founder and metastatic breast cancer patient since she was 14.

“I don’t want to see my friend Champagne be lost, and I don’t know if I can do anything to affect that outcome,” Sorvino says, her voice breaking at times.

But with Election Day less than a month away, Sorvino, 49, says it has been tough to shine a spotlight on her cause.

Before she headed to the nation’s capital, she says, “I called a friend of mine who works at a major news network and I said, ‘Hey, do you think you’ll want to cover this?’ And he said, ‘Well, they’re not covering anything that’s outside the election cycle.’ And I said, ‘Really? That’s all that’s airing?’ ”

That’s not to say the “Indiscretion” and “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” star isn’t paying attention to — and has a lot to say about — politics. Earlier this year, she told Elle magazine in an interview that she would “most probably” vote Democratic.

When asked by ITK whether her position remained the same, Sorvino replied, “Look, at this point I’m going to vote for Hillary [Clinton] unless something drastic happens in the last two weeks. I cannot not vote because any not-vote is a vote for [GOP presidential nominee Donald] Trump.”

“I have my questions,” Sorvino says of the Democratic White House hopeful, “but I’ll vote for Hillary because the alternative is a horror show.”

“I think at this point you can pretty much consider him an accused sex offender,” Sorvino says of Trump. “And the idea that people are strangely saying, ‘Well, we’re going to overlook that because we’re going to look at the things he’s going to do for the country and he’s going to move us toward these Republican values.’ I don’t think there’s any guarantee that he’s going to act in a Republican way once he’s in office. I think his comments about women and his obvious disdain for traditional morality is already very

Sorvino says it may be more than just the next election at stake.

“I think what people don’t understand is that this country and this political experiment known as our modern democracy is so young, and so unprecedented, really in the history of human behavior.

“All these things that we take for granted — that lynchings are untenable, that segregation and the terrible treatment and abuse of people because of their skin or the religion they believe in — this is very, very new, this concept of universal rights and fairness and kindness and equality for all. And it could all be lost. Who’s to say that’s its going to stick?”

Calling Trump’s campaign “disgusting” and “very dangerous,” Sorvino says, “I think our democracy as we know it, and all the advances we’ve made towards being a fair-minded people, could very easily slip slide away very quickly under his tenure. I’m hoping and praying he does not get elected.”


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