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Actor Ethan Hawke slams Trump’s ‘fascist behavior’

Actor Ethan Hawke says Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump acts more like a “fascist” than a White House hopeful.

“You don’t need a daughter to be offended by what guy says,” he told The Daily Beast in an interview published Monday.

“When you see a man, if he wins, threatening to put his opponent in jail?” Hawke said, adding, “That’s fascist behavior.”

Hawke said Trump is resonating with voters who dislike the possibility that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. could become America’s first female president.

“What ‘Make America Great Again’ means is not lost on any of us,” he said of Trump’s campaign slogan.  “It means ‘white’ and ‘male.’

“They think, ‘What could be worse than a black president?  Gasp! A Woman!” Hawke added of Trump’s supporters.

“The sailboat is going the wrong way to a certain part of the country, and it’s very upsetting. And Trump plays right into it.”

Hawke said he admires Clinton for serving as a role model for women this election cycle, citing his 18-year-old daughter as an example.

“It’s easy to dwell on the negative, but it’s pretty incredible for me to watch the [presidential] debates with my 18-year-old,” he said.

“So on the positive side, my daughter is seeing a woman in a position of power fighting back, not backing down and staking her territory,” Hawke added. “So I find that very exciting.


“This is [my daughter’s] first election she’ll vote in, and she wasn’t politically aware the last election, so this is really her first go-around. For her to get to see a woman in this situation is something I’ve never seen my whole life, but she has no awareness of it. That’s in the past now.” 

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