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Howard Stern: I told Trump to drop out

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Howard Stern says he personally appealed to Donald Trump to end his White House bid, telling the then-GOP presidential nominee the run was going to “f— up his life.”
{mosads}The SiriusXM radio host said on Wednesday’s show that he spoke face-to-face with Trump — a longtime and frequent guest on his show over the years — when the two happened to be dining at the same restaurant earlier this year after Trump had secured the Republican nomination.
“He sat down at my table and we were talking,” Stern recalled of his conversation with the now-president-elect, who was out celebrating wife Melania’s April birthday. 
“People love you. They leave you the f— alone. They know you from television. What the f— are you doing with your life?” Stern says he told Trump.
“I still don’t know why he wants it,” Stern said. “Listen, when you’ve got that great a life, and you’re 70 years old, what do you think you got left?”
“Now, for the next four years of his life — and you don’t know how long you’re going to live — he’s got to sit there and deal with people’s f—ing anger,” Stern exclaimed. “Can he give the people what he promised them? Can he really change the economy? Can he really change America?”
“You know this is like a barge. And if things go wrong — not even because of his own fault — and the economy starts to falter, then you’re everybody’s f—ing scumbag. Everyone’s like, ‘F— him.’ ” 
Saying that at 70 years, Trump likely has 10 years left before he “starts to drool” on himself, Stern continued, “Why would you want that for the last 10 good summers of your life? I don’t get it. And I said it to him, ‘Don’t do this to yourself.’ ”
Some of Trump’s controversial remarks about women from his many appearances on Stern’s show drew renewed attention during the 2016 campaign. “I remember thinking to myself, I don’t want him running for f—ing president,” Stern, who supported Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, said this week. 
“We have all these tapes. I said this is going to destroy the friendship because they’re going to use this s— against you. They’re going to fucking drag you through — I said, ‘Why do you want this?’ ”
Stern surmised why Trump, who for years flirted with a political bid, may have finally decided to enter the 2016 race last year: “I have a different theory: I think NBC was f—ing with him on ‘The Apprentice’ deal. They were going to lower his pay.”
“This was all because they were going to lower his pay?” asked “Stern Show” news anchor Robin Quivers.
“I’m telling you the truth, listen to me. They were going to f— with him on the contract,” Stern, 62, replied. “He said, ‘You know what I’ll do, I’ll run for president. Even if I don’t win, I’ll announce, it’ll up my game, and I’ll get a better deal.’ Which is a smart move.”
“I truly think the biggest shock in all of this is to Donald Trump,” Stern told his audience. “Because I think it was more of a, ‘Hey!’ a publicity kind of thing. ‘I’ll get my name out there. I’ll see what happens, we’ll have some fun.’ ”
“I don’t know that he could’ve imagined that this could’ve been the outcome.”
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