"I want it to play out," Baldwin said. It’s like [Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel] Ellsberg, you know? Insofar as let’s find out what he’s got. Let’s not assume automatically that he’s an enemy of this country. If he is, well then we have laws that, unfortunately for him, he’s f----d. They’re going to get him; I’m sure someone is going to trade him."

Charges against Ellsberg were dismissed after it was revealed that the government had illegally wiretapped his phone and broken into his psychiatrist's office in search of information that might discredit him.

Baldwin has been in the headlines recently after a series of homophobic tweets directed at a reporter who suggested his wife had been posting to the social media network during the funeral of "The Sopranos" star James Gandolfini.

In a letter to GLAAD, Baldwin said the tweets weren't intended to comment on "issues of anyone's sexual orientation."