While Kiwi was “a little lethargic” and had lost four teeth when she was reunited with her owner, Lujan Grisham says the tail-wagger “recognized me immediately, and that made me feel great.”

The freshman lawmaker is not sure how Kiwi ended up about eight miles from home, but believes someone likely looked after the dog for a period of time, telling us, “I’m grateful for whoever took her in and made sure she was safe.”


Now that she’s back, Lujan Grisham is taking steps to make sure her pet isn’t going anywhere. She’s redoing the fencing in her yard, considering doggie daycare for times when she’s not home and just ordered a GPS tracking device for Kiwi’s collar.

The dog lover, who was with Kiwi at the veterinarian’s office making sure the furry one was up-to-date on her vaccinations when ITK spoke with her, says she also wants to bring Kiwi with her to Washington.

“For the next couple of weeks, if my vet says she can travel, then I’m definitely going to do that,” she says.

Lujan Grisham, 53, said laughing that at least if Kiwi gets spooked on Capitol Hill, there would probably be a good chance of finding her: “A lot of people all underground by and large, so I think we’d be able to track her down.” Although she notes, “If I’m near her, she won’t run from me.”

Saying she was near tears just thinking about her love for her pet, Lujan Grisham is simply glad to have her back: “I wasn’t home without her, and now I’m home.”