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George Takei: Trump should resign after refugee order

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George Takei is blasting President Trump for his refugee executive order, calling him an “American terrorist“ who “should resign before he is forced out or impeached.” 

The “Star Trek” actor in a blistering New York Daily News op-ed accuses Trump of “decimating sacred American ideals and sparking momentous protests in our streets and airports” after less than two weeks in office.

The controversial order signed last week by Trump temporarily halts the United States refugee program, while also preventing citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States for 90 days. 

The move, Takei says, “goes against the Constitution.” The 79-year-old Japanese-American performer was interned along with his family during World War II. 

Takei, who appeared in 2012 as a contestant on the Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” reality show, says the commander in chief is “ignorant of history and facts and has no interest in learning. He reacts based on his emotion and his ‘alternative facts.'”

Takei says Trump “never came” after receiving an invite to Takei’s Broadway musical, “Allegiance,” about the stage and screen star’s experience in internment camps. 

{mosads}Takei says he wasn’t surprised. “I was on his show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and know how stubborn he is. Part of education is having students willing to learn. He isn’t willing. You can present him with empirical data, and he chooses his own ‘alternative facts,’” Takei says in the piece published Tuesday.

Takei also recalls inviting Trump to a meeting to talk about gay marriage.

“The day of our meeting he rushed in and said very excitedly, ‘I went to a gay wedding, and it was beautiful. You gays have such great taste,’” Takei, an LGBT activist who tied the knot with Brad Alter in 2008, recalls the now-president saying. 

“I asked why he didn’t publicly support marriage equality, and he said that wasn’t possible. He only believed in ‘traditional marriage,’ he said. Never mind his own track record and what he’d just said.”

“Trump can profess a principle and then go blatantly against it,” says Takei. “He is ignorant, and because of his ignorance, he is fearful. Actually, the real terrorist is Donald Trump. He’s the American terrorist.” 

Takei implores Trump to step down before he is forced out of office, saying, “It’s clear he cannot govern.”

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