Social media fires back at report Trump likes female staff 'to dress like women'
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Social media users are firing back after a report that President Trump likes his female staff to "dress like women," leading some to women to feel pressured to wear dresses to work.

"Trump likes the women who work for him 'to dress like women,'" a source who worked on Trump's campaign told Axios on Thursday. According to the report, women working in field offices felt pressure to wear dresses to impress Trump. 

Trump is just as aware of his male staff's attire, the report continues, and pays close attention to ties. 


"If you're going to be a public person for him, whether it's a lawyer or representing him in meetings, then you need to have a certain look," a source who works for Trump told Axios.

"You should have a good physical demeanor, good stature, hair well groomed."

Social media users -- including Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) -- responded to the report by tweeting photos of what they wear to work using the hashtag #dresslikeawoman.