George Foreman to Trump: Don't 'worry about the audience'
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George Foreman says President Trump may be taking a page out of his boxing playbook when it comes to battling political foes.

“You know, when you’re into something like this, you just gotta fight,” the two-time world heavyweight champion said during a Saturday interview on “Fox & Friends.”

“You can’t even worry about the audience,” Foreman told hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, when asked about how Trump “not [taking] a backwards step” changes the view of the president’s opponents.


“When I’m in those boxing matches, I hear, ‘Boo, boo, boo,’ after the fight, when I listen to them on the tape. But in the ring, you don’t listen to anything. You must step forward and fight,” the 68-year-old Olympian said.

Foreman, who said over the years that Trump “would always take my calls,” also weighed in on why the real estate mogul won last year’s race for the White House.

“Sometimes people win just because they’re winners,” Foreman said. “Some people lose just because they never thought they really would win, and they lose.”

“Winning is an idea, once you get in it, you can’t lose.”