The adoption of little Ivy and Lynette, which resulted “due to a family situation,” was given final approval last week, the congressman told ITK in a statement. 

Mullin, 36, says his family “could not be happier” about expanding his brood of three kids to five.

The House freshman tells us, “Our family prayed for God’s will and He opened our hearts to the idea of adoption. We were unsure about whether, at this time, we could handle the extra responsibility. But God’s timing is always perfect.”

Rep. Mullin, left, Christie Mullin, Jim Mullin (9), Andrew Mullin (8), Larra Mullin (5), Ivy Mullin (2), Lynette Mullin (2). (Photo: Mallory Hall)

Saying it’s been a “seamless transition” for his three other young children having a pair of new little sisters, Mullin exclaims, “The new Mullin 7 look forward to all that life has to offer our family!”