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Schwarzenegger rips gerrymandering: Congress ‘couldn’t beat herpes in the polls’


Arnold Schwarzenegger says Congress is so unpopular that lawmakers “couldn’t beat herpes in the polls.”

The “Celebrity Apprentice” host and California’s former governor pins the blame for much of the public’s dislike for elected officials on redistricting.

“Gerrymandering has created an absurd reality where politicians now pick their voters, instead of the voters picking their politicians,” the Republican and “Terminator” star says in a video released Tuesday on media startup ATTN.

{mosads}“You thought every two years in November, you’re going to the polls to pick your representatives, right? Wrong!” Schwarzenegger says to the camera.

The 69-year-old Austrian-born action movie vet says the “system was rigged so bad” in his home state of California.

“Using gerrymandering, our politicians drew their district lines so safely, that even while congressional approval ratings went sometimes down into the single digits, they couldn’t lose,” Schwarzenegger exclaims, before saying the state “fixed it” by taking redistricting away from the state legislature.

“We took the power of drawing the district lines away from the politicians and gave it back to the people, where it belongs,” Schwarzenegger — who’s recently sparred on Twitter with President Trump over “Apprentice” ratings — says.

“We’ve proven that gerrymandering can be permanently terminated,” he added.


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