John Oliver poked fun at President Trump Sunday night with a techno song about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On his show “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver debuted a new techno song to attempt to warn Trump about Putin.

“A man like Putin, may seem like he’s strong, but if you think that, know that you’re wrong,” the song says.

“Beware of Putin, he’s ruthless and shrewd,” the song continued. “If you’re not careful, we’ll all end up screwed. A man like Putin is really bad, that you need that explained is just so f—king sad.”

The song resembled a Russian techno song painting Putin like a hero. The song, Oliver says, is called “A Man Like Putin.”

Oliver’s full segment focused on Trump’s tone on Russia since becoming president.


Oliver showed several clips of Trump saying he would like the United States to get along with Putin and Russia.

“There is no hard proof yet of direct links between Trump himself and Russia, but he does have a weird, noticeably soft spot to both the country and its leader,” Oliver said.

“It’s a bit weird,” he continued. “You’ve been objectively nicer to Vladimir Putin, than you have been to Meryl Streep.”