Moscow offers to let Sarah Jessica Parker meet with Russian ambassador
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Russia's foreign ministry says actress Sarah Jessica Parker can meet with a Russian ambassador if she wants, after the "Sex in the City" star joked about her lack of access to the enjoy in a meme.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mara Zakharova on Friday responded to a joke Instagram post by Parker that referenced revelations that a series of members of President Trump's team met with Russia's U.S. Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

"If #SarahJessicaParker desperately wants to meet Russian Ambassador to US -anything is possible. Sergey Ivanovich will be happy," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mara Zakharova said in a tweet.




Parker on Thursday posted a photo showing her typing at a computer, captioned: "I couldn't help but wonder ... had the Russian ambassador been meeting with everyone but me?"

The post references her "Sex in the City" character who is a columnist, though in the show, her character writes about relationships rather than politics.

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