Mark Cuban: Trump couldn't have pulled off Russia collusion
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Billionaire Mark Cuban on Saturday went on a tweetstorm explaining his theory about President Trump's ties to Russia, concluding he doesn't think Trump was behind any collusion during last year's presidential race.

"No chance this is a DJT led conspiracy," Cuban wrote in a series of tweets, referring to Trump's initials. He argued that Trump "isn't detail oriented, organized or big picture enough" to pull off any such "conspiracy."

Instead, Cuban argued in a series of tweets that Russian President Vladimir Putin "recognized [Trump's] greed and took advantage by back channeling coordinated misinformation in an attempt to influence voters."

"Russians have made him a lot of money buying condos and investing in his buildings and hosting his beauty pageant," Cuban wrote of Trump. "That makes them his friends. He ignored their backgrounds. But that's not unusual. Starbucks takes anyone's money and so do most businesses including mine."


The Dallas Mavericks owner went on to argue that Trump wasn't thinking about Russian influence when he hired Paul Manafort as a top adviser to his campaign. Trump viewed it as a "win win," Cuban argued, with Manafort either helping Trump win the election or being good for future business deals with Russia if he lost.

Cuban theorized that Trump didn't stop to think that Manafort or other advisers who joined his campaign and who had ties to Russia were motivated by Moscow. Trump was thinking more like a businessman than a politician, Cuban argued.

Manafort has since become a subject of Russia collusion speculation, following the revelation that he signed a multimillion-dollar contract with a Russian billionaire in the mid-2000s to help advance the interests of Putin's government. The businessman, Oleg Deripaska, has denied his work was aimed at helping Putin's government.

"As people with Russian connects came into the campaign he had no clue that those connections were possibly being influenced by Russia," Cuban wrote of Trump in his series of tweets. "His lean campaign took direction from people he trusted and he followed those directions. He had no clue where the Russians fit."

"No chance this is a DJT led conspiracy. He isn't detail oriented, organized or big picture enough to pull off any [type] of conspiracy. I think Putin recognized trumps greed and took advantage by back channeling coordinated misinformation in an attempt to influence voters. Trump had no idea this was happening. He was doing what he was told to do. Stick to the script and read what was written for him." 

Trump aides' ties to Russia have been the subject of months of scrutiny and are the subject of several investigations after the intelligence community concluded Russia interfered in the election to help Trump.

FBI Director James Comey announced last month that his agency was investigating Trump's Russia ties since last summer, adding to concurrent investigations by both the House and Senate intelligence committees.

Cuban was a vocal political commentator during the 2016 race for his criticism of Trump and for generating buzz that he might consider a political run in the future.

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