Dan Rather hits journalists who called Trump 'presidential' after Syria missile strike

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather spoke out about President TrumpDonald TrumpTrump State Department appointee arrested in connection with Capitol riot Intelligence community investigating links between lawmakers, Capitol rioters Michelle Obama slams 'partisan actions' to 'curtail access to ballot box' MORE's missile strike in Syria on Friday, critical of media figures who were quick to say that the strike was a presidential move.

"The number of members of the press who have lauded the actions last night as 'presidential' is concerning," Rather said in a Facebook post.

"War must never be considered a public relations operation. It is not a way for an Administration to gain a narrative," Rather continued. "It is a step into a dangerous unknown and its full impact is impossible to predict, especially in the immediate wake of the first strike."

Rather's post came after several media figures, including CNN host Fareed Zakaria said Trump’s missile strike in Syria shows him displaying the same qualities as America’s past leaders.


“I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night,” he said Friday on CNN’s “New Day." "I think this was actually a big moment.”

“For the first time really as president, he talked about international norms, international rules, about America’s role in enforcing justice in the world,” Zakaria, the host of CNN's "GPS," said of Trump’s remarks explaining the military action late Thursday.

The U.S. launched a missile strike late Thursday in response to a chemical attack earlier this week that officials said was conducted by Syrian President Bashar Assad's military. Nearly 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired at a Syrian air base in the attack.