Baldwin: Trump deserves an Emmy for 'SNL' contribution
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Alec Baldwin says President Trump deserves an Emmy for all he’s contributed to “Saturday Night Live” recently.

“Trump is the head writer of ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Him and [White House press secretary Sean] Spicer,” the actor joked Wednesday.

“They’re going to win an Emmy this year,” Baldwin added with a laugh.

The 59-year-old “30 Rock” alum reflected on politics and his eyebrow-raising turn as Trump on “SNL” in a wide-ranging chat at George Washington University to promote his new memoir, “Nevertheless.”

“I don’t despise or hate Trump,” Baldwin told Arena Stage artistic director Molly Smith. "Trump was kind of a strange, flying Dutchman-like figure in the New York social world."


Saying he met the real estate mogul "a couple of times" over the years, Baldwin described Trump as "not an honored or desired dinner guest in New York society."

Trump has panned Baldwin's over-the-top impersonation of him, writing in a tweet last December that the impression "can't get any worse" and calling "SNL" "biased," unfunny and "unwatchable."

Baldwin, a Democrat and outspoken proponent of campaign finance reform and arts funding, was asked whether his “activist nature” has helped or hurt his career.

“Definitely hurt me — definitely,” he replied.

“There’s a large group of people, they don’t want in their mind to have their entertainment experience sullied by people’s political beliefs,” the performer continued.

“I do tend to get from people who are — some of them my friends — I really do get this sense, they think I’m this middle-aged, rich white guy,” Baldwin said, before speaking in a shrill, Southern inflection. “And they’re like, ‘Alec Baldwin why can’t you just play 18 holes, come to the clubhouse, and have a sandwich and a beer? And the whales are going to save themselves, boy! And all the poor people are going to be taken care of. And the global warming will work itself out.’”

"I feel that in my lifetime that special interests and the way that money performs in politics has gotten us to the point where the government doesn’t do anywhere near what we need the government to do,” he said to applause from the audience.

Baldwin struck down any talk of going from his Trump impression to a real-life political gig, saying, “I don’t think my wife wants that for our kids and the scrutiny that goes with that.”

“I would love to run for office. I would love to be the president of the United States. I think I would be a great president of the United States,” he told the crowd, his voice rising.

“We’d have so much fun! I’d give a billion dollars to the National Endowment for the Arts! I’d give a billion dollars to the National Endowment for the Humanities!

“But what I’m really saying is, I mean I’m never going to do that,” Baldwin exclaimed, “because I don’t want to run for president. That’s the problem.”