“Saturday Night Live” highlighted two major PR disasters in a single skit, tearing into United Airlines and Pepsi in a sketch featuring host Jimmy Fallon.

The sketch titled "Take Me Back" imagined a couple who are interrupted by Fallon, who knocks on the door and brings his ex flowers and a boombox.

“I just needed to see you. I want you back,” Fallon says as his character, "Doug," sees his ex has a new date.


“You have a guy over? We just broke up like five days ago.”

Cecily Strong, playing “Jen,” snaps back: “You know what you did."

Fallon continues to try to apologize, singing Savage Garden's “Truly Madly Deeply” and finally getting on one knee to propose. But Strong’s character rejects his attempts.

"No, Doug!” she shouts. “You dragged a man off a plane this week!”

After Doug leaves, Jen returns to her new date, still sitting on the couch, and asks what he does for a living.

“Well, I just directed this huge Pepsi commercial," he says.

"No!" Jen screams as the scene ends.