Melissa McCarthy hosted this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live", continuing her iconic impression of White House press secretary Sean Spicer during press briefings. 

McCarthy's Spicer starts off hiding in the bushes outside the White House press room as deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, played by Aidy Bryant, addresses reporters. As reporters compliment Sanders, McCarthy's Spicer bursts into the room to take over the discussion. 

"Spicey's back, Sarah's out!" McCarthy yells as she takes the podium from Bryant.


The skit features Spicer using several props, including Russian nesting dolls, to explain the firing of former FBI Director James Comey to reporters.

The skit also addresses recent rumors that Trump is considering ousting Spicer.

"If he's your friend, why is everyone saying he's about to fire you and replace you with Sarah?" a reporter asks McCarthy.

"I've got to find Trump. I'm going to New York. The press interview is over!" McCarthy's Spicer says before ditching the press briefing room and riding her motorized podium all the way to Trump Tower in New York in order to find Trump and ask him if he can keep his job as press secretary.

"Come on!" McCarthy's spicer yells riding her podium through traffic. "I need to find Trump! I promise I'll talk better. I can't go back to the Navy. I can't swim."

McCarthy finds Trump at his New Jersey golf club, where the two literally kiss and make up.