Obama spotted golfing at Tuscan resort
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Former President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaEx-Saudi official says he was targeted by a hit team after fleeing to Canada Republican spin on Biden is off the mark Yellen expects inflation to return to normal levels next year MORE was spotted golfing at a resort in Tuscany, Italy, over the weekend.

TMZ reports that Obama was spotted golfing at the Castiglion del Bosco Resort in Tuscany. It’s unclear who the former president was playing with, but TMZ video shows Obama driving a golf cart around the course.

After remaining out of the public eye during the first few months of President Trump’s term, Obama has slowly begun re-entering the public sphere. In April, he gave his first public speech since leaving office, speaking about civic engagement to a crowd of students at the University of Chicago.


"The one thing that I'm absolutely convinced of is that, yes, we confront a whole range of challenges," he said then. "All those issues are serious and daunting, but they are not insoluble. What is preventing us from tackling them and making more progress really has to do with our politics and our civil life."

Earlier this month he gave a speech at the Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, where he called for people to become more engaged in the democratic process.

"People have a tendency to blame politicians when things don't work," Obama said.

"But as I always tell people, you get the politicians you deserve. And if you don't vote and if you don't participate and if you don't pay attention, then you'll get policies that don't reflect your interests."