Confused by the ongoing feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift? Look no further than Ohio Gov. John Kasich for a complete breakdown of the pop stars’ battle.

The 2016 GOP presidential candidate — a noted fan of all things popular culture — was asked to offer some insight into the origin of the fallout during a Thursday appearance on “The View.”

“Can you explain what in the hell is going on?” co-host Whoopi Golgberg asked Kasich.

“Well it’s shocking to everybody,” Kasich replied without missing a beat. “Don’t ever steal anybody’s dancers, is the message,” he added, referring to a 2014 story alleging that Perry swiped Swift’s back-up dancers ahead of a concert tour. Perry confirmed the back-up dancer issue was the source of the beef in a “Late Late Show” appearance this week.


“Maybe they’re just trying to get some extra press, although I don’t know that Taylor Swift needs any more press,” Kasich continued. “In fact, she kind of went into hiding, and now they say she’s going to reemerge with a new sound.”

Kasich, a father of two teenage girls, went on to explain some of Swift’s more recent musical history.

“She put out the song ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ with Zayn [Malik], this One Direction guy,” he said. “Then she wrote this song with Calvin Harris, who’s a big DJ.”

The conflict between the two chart-toppers seemed to reignite recently with the release of Perry’s new single, “Swish Swish,” which music fans interpreted as a “diss track” against Swift.

Kasich, 65, gave no indication as to which side of the musical fight he supports.

“I will tell you, [Swift] met my wife and kids at a concert. She knew everything about my wife and my children. She was just unbelievably great,” Kasich said. “And Katy, you know, I have a friend that knows Katy Perry, and she’s very talented. So, two great pop artists.”

“What do you think you can do about Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon in that case?” co-host Joy Behar asked Kasich of President Trump’s two senior advisers, rumored to have a feud of their own.

“Well I’m going to bring both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift to get in the middle of it, get this thing fixed,” Kasich replied with a smile.

Kasich also explained his love of staying on top of the latest happenings in the entertainment world: “I like pop culture, you know you can do it until the day you die. I find it interesting. I find it a nice break from the world of debates and all those things.”