Central Park production of ‘Julius Caesar' appears to include Trump
© Greg Nash

Central Park’s summer Shakespeare production of “Julius Caesar” appears to portray the slain Roman dictator as President Trump.

The Public Theater's production of the political tragedy reportedly portrays Julius Caesar as a man in a suit with an American flag pin, long tie and blondish hair, Fox News reported.

The costuming of Ceasar, who is stabbed in the back by rivals in the play, drew raised eyebrows from some. 


"I don't advocate violence on the president of the U.S. no matter what party they're in," one playgoer told Fox News.

"It's just concerning we're seeing more and more violent rhetoric towards our president in the form of the arts and Hollywood," another playgoer said.

The production comes shortly after comedian Kathy Griffin faced intense backlash after she participated in a photo shoot holding a fake severed head that resembled Trump.

"Art is provocative, theater is provocative," another Central Park patron said. "They're meant to make us reflect and make us think, they're not made to make us sit comfortably."