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Adam Carolla to Trump: ‘Put on some classical music and get to work’

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Adam Carolla has some advice for President Trump: forget Twitter and get hooked on Handel.

“I’d probably just tell him he’s just going to have to put a set of Beats by Dre on, pump some classical music into it, and just go about the business of this country,” the podcaster and former “Man Show” host tells ITK, when asked what message he’d like to share with Trump.

“Otherwise he’ll spend his entire four years fighting with HuffPo,” Carolla adds. “Just tell him, ‘Put on some classical music and get to work.’ ”

The tips are a preview of what conventiongoers might hear as Carolla gets ready to mix “some humor in with some thought-provoking-something” at this year’s Politicon. Carolla is headlining the lineup of comedians and performers at the so-called unconventional political convention in Pasadena, Calif., on July 29 and 30.

Among those poised to appear at the third annual Hollywood-filled political gathering are Comedy Central’s “The President Show” star Anthony Atamanuik; a slew of “Daily Show” contributors, including Roy Wood Jr., Michelle Wolf and Al Madrigal; CNN’s Jake Tapper and Brianna Keilar; and an array of political pundits including James Carville, Krystal Ball, Bill Kristol and former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.

“I really don’t know what to expect,” Carolla says of the event, which has been dubbed the “Coachella of politics.” “I’m just gonna go out there and speak my mind as I always do.”

When asked to speak his mind on Trump’s presidency, Carolla, who said in 2012 that he’s “basically a Republican,” replies, “It’s hard to tell because of his crazy tweets, and the media, and the circus around Russia, and collusion, and all this.”

“It’s just one big argument. It’s hard to assess what’s going on, because it’s just been a dust cloud of vitriol. There’s stuff I like and there’s stuff I don’t like,” Carolla adds.

The comedian, who’s currently crowdfunding for a new documentary, “No Safe Spaces,” about politically correct culture at college campuses, was well ahead of the curve in predicting Trump would one day occupy the Oval Office.

“I said [Trump was] going to be president in 2016 in ’08,” Carolla says, “although I’m sure I was kidding.” Carolla made the accurate prediction on his radio show.

So does he want to go on-the-record with any other political prognostications?

“I predict [Democratic California Lt. Gov.] Gavin Newsom is going to be the governor of California, and traffic in L.A. is going to get worse. That’s my prediction.”


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