A singer, inspired by the showdown between Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin last week, has turned the congresswoman's repeated phrase "reclaiming my time" into song lyrics.

Maxine asked the secretary during a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Thursday why his agency has not responded to a letter she sent in May inquiring about the president's financial ties to Russia.

Mnuchin did not directly answer Waters's question, which led her to repeatedly interject "reclaiming my time." 


The encounter inspired Mykal Kilgore to post a YouTube video of him singing a gospel song about the back-and-forth on Saturday. 

"Our beloved 'Auntie' Maxine Waters laid this sermon down so good that I had to sing about it! Whenever anybody tries to distract me or block me (even with praise or platitudes) I'm gonna have to let them know that I'm #ReclaimingMyTime," Kilgore wrote in the description of the song, using a nickname millennials have given to the California lawmaker for her fierce criticism of the Trump administration.

Mnuchin had initially began praising the Democratic lawmaker for her efforts in the Golden State.

"First of all, let me thank you for your service to California, being a resident of California I appreciate everything that you’ve done,” Mnuchin said.

Waters, the top Democrat on the panel, pushed back in an attempt to reclaim the time she had to question Mnuchin during the hearing, which normally is about five minutes long.

Kilgore's lyrics played off her pushback to get a response to her question.

"You want to talk about the things I’ve done, but I’m reclaiming my time. You want to speak on the battles I’ve won, but I’m reclaiming my time," Kilgore sings. "That’s not what I brought you here to share, and I’m reclaiming my time. And don’t read my resume because I was there, and I’m reclaiming my time."