Jack Abramoff to tutor bitcoin crew on lobbying for TV show
© Courtesy photo

Jack Abramoff is back … as a reality TV star.

The former lobbyist, who was convicted of various corruption charges in 2008, will soon lend his know-how to a bunch of Washington novices for a docu-series called “Capitol Makeover: Bitcoin Brigade.”

The project from Blockchain Entertainment and Ignition Creative, which hasn’t yet begun filming, will feature Abramoff “coaching” technology whizzes from AML Bitcoin on how to navigate the halls of Congress.

“They wanted to go to Washington to talk to this administration and say, look, instead of taking a meat cleaver to the digital coin and digital currency world, let’s sort of take a beat here and try to learn a bit about what’s going on. Basically to lobby them,” Abramoff says.


“Their problem was, they sort of came to their own conclusion that they weren’t lobbyists — they’re kind of tech nerds. They’re just not really good at presenting things, particularly to politicians.”

That’s where Abramoff comes in.

“It’s the ultimate citizen fish-out-of-water kind of deal, where people from the country who aren’t part of the Washington insider kind of culture now really are going to be on, in some respects, equal footing with the K Street lobbyists,” he tells ITK.

“I’m not going to train them to be corrupt lobbyists,” adds Abramoff, who was portrayed by Kevin Spacey in the 2010 film, “Casino Jack.” “We’re taking a much more reformed approach in terms of money and things like that. We’re going to create a sort of reformed, moral lobbying force of people from the outside coming to clash with the culture of Washington.”

“They’re going to have to quickly learn how to fit into this world, how to deal with this world, and how to thrive in this world, and they have to do it real fast. So it’s going to be quite a boot camp.”

Abramoff, who points out he won't be lobbying Congress for the foray into reality TV, says he’ll also be learning from his crop of D.C. neophytes. “I didn’t know a bitcoin from a sirloin," he quipped in a statement about the show.

Asked if the series, which isn’t yet tied to a TV outlet, is a way for him to get back into Hollywood and Washington circles, Abramoff replied, “I really don’t have any interest in getting back into the Washington scene, to be honest with you.” 

“I don’t want to lobby, that’s not my thing anymore,” Abramaoff, 58, said later in his conversation with ITK. “Obviously I know how to do it, and that’s what I’m going to try to impart to these folks.”

So will Abramoff actually head to Capitol Hill along with his lobbying rookies?

“No, I’m not. I’m going to stay away from Congress,” he laughed. “I don’t think it would help anybody with me going and lobbying with this.”