Jennifer Lawrence: 'We can’t continue this divide and anger'
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Jennifer Lawrence says the politically polarized country needs to come together because “we can’t continue this divide and anger.”

“There needs to be a bridge,” the “Hunger Games” star says in an interview with Vogue published Wednesday. Lawrence graces the cover of the magazine’s flagship September issue.

“There are issues affecting us as human beings, not as liberals and not as Republicans. We have to protect the foundation of this country, and acceptance,” Lawrence, 25, said.


“If you’re preaching acceptance, accept immigrants, accept Muslims, accept everybody,” she added.

It’s not the first time Lawrence has spoken out about the political climate.

The actress, who in 2015 said a Trump presidency would be “the end of the world,” penned an open letter last year that was published on Vice’s Broadly site two days after the presidential election.

“I want to be positive; I want to support our democracy, but what can we take away from this? It’s a genuine question that we all need to ask ourselves,” the Oscar winner wrote at the time.

“We shouldn’t blame anyone, we shouldn’t riot in the streets. We should think strongly and clearly about what to do next because we cannot change the past.”

“Do not let this defeat you,” Lawrence wrote of Trump’s victory, “let this enrage you!”