Mitt Romney — fashion critic?

Joe Scarborough says the former GOP presidential nominee once made fun of his style, dubbing a particular sartorial pick the MSNBC host’s “Mister Rogers” sweater.

“This is the most comfortable sweater in the world,” Scarborough says in a preview clip from Thursday’s episode of “Dirty Laundry” on PeopleTV, exclusively obtained by ITK. “But it is so boring that even Mitt Romney made fun of me for wearing it in 2012.”


Scarborough, alongside fellow “Morning Joe” co-host and fiancée Mika Brzezinski, laughs as he shows InStyle magazine editor-in-chief Laura Brown a deep-pocketed, gray cardigan.

“Oh my God, grandpa!” Brzezinski exclaims as Scarborough holds up the questionable clothing choice.

“He just said I look like Mister Rogers,” 54-year-old Scarborough says. On “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” host Fred Rogers was known for changing into a signature sweater in each episode.

Scarborough defended the sweater, saying, “It’s great. You can put things in here. You can put your hands in there.”

In the clip, Scarborough reveals that Romney wasn’t the only one to poke fun at his fashion sense, saying 2016 Republican White House hopeful Jeb Bush also had heckled him over his wardrobe.